The story is about the lives of the residents of Turfloop and their every day challenges and trials as they climb the ladder of success.The show premiered the 27th of January 2023. It’s become the most adore dramas. Through the use of teens in adult roles, it’s now an instant hit with TV viewers of all ages. The show’s premise of coming of age keeps it distinct from other soaps, too.


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Wednesday 1 March 2023
Episode 173

Pax connects the sort of dots that make Mr. Kgomo panic. Babeile rubs salt over the wound of Sergeant Tsheola after Rathebe snuffs him out. Nokuthula says goodbye to goodbye to the City of Gold goodbye.

Thursday 2 March 2023
Episode 174

The Mr. Kgomo is at war with his son. Rathebe makes everyone shake in Turf. Lehasa thinks about the possibility of moving on from an ex.

Friday 3 March 2023
Episode 175

A secret affair is dangling in a tangle when one of the lovers makes a an uncompromising threat to end their lives.

Alfred and Jacobeth are back in conflict with Jacobeth – this time about the new police officer on the scene. Khwezikazi and Lehasa are able to make small progress while connecting with baby LJ.
Monday 6 March 2023
Episode 176

Mrs Kgomo wants to know what is the real story from Kgomo. Lehasa and Khwezikazi signify it by kissing. Charles gets Alfre and Rathebe with a red-hand.

Tuesday 7 March 2023
Episode 177

Pax decides to take the Melita problem in his own hands. Jacobeth is in a crossroads with Rathebe. Francois is enthusiastic about an upcoming business meeting, but is disturbe by Koloi’s speed.

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Episode 178

Melita is a constant thorn in the Kgomo household, causing havoc for the old and young. Francois as well as Kat are eager to enhance their business after the workshop. Alfred gives Rathebe an apartment to rent.

Thursday 9 March 2023
Episode 179

Mr Kgomo is shaken  reports of him doing rounds and threatens to take an ex-convict back into prison.

Jacobeth is slain for six after discovering that her ex-tenant has taken the residence of her arch-enemy’s residence. Koloi could have shot himself in the foot, but does not even realize it.

Friday 10 March 2023
Episode 180

Mr. Kgomo cannot seem to stay from the fruit that is forbidden. The livestock issue is thrown into a tidal wave. Koloi’s bubble bursts when Francois announced the change in schedule.
Monday 13 March 2023
Episode 181

Pax is able to hear his father talking to someone via phone. This causes his blood to boil. Rathebe rubs Babeile in the wrong direction. Francois is not impresse by any of his workers.

Tuesday 14 March 2023
Episode 182

Melita’s sins are retribute to them in the form angry teens and their group of friends. Dragon makes Leeto to change into his lawyer’s attire to prove his fact. Francois isn’t certain regarding Koloi at Level, and feels driven to stand up for himself.

Wednesday 15 March 2023
Episode 183

Pax panics when he realizes that his violent actions could be reflecte in his can. Leeto wins at court and inadvertently forms an unwelcome bond with Dragon. Francois becomes uneasy with Koloi.

Thursday 16 March 2023
Episode 184

Mrs Kgomo discovers a nasty surprise in the luggage of her husband. The good works of Rathebe are punishe when she’s warn about an ex-wife’s husband. Koloi is more than Francois Toes at the level.

Friday 17 March 2023
Episode 185

Mrs Kgomo receives the wrong side of the stick with regards to the person who owns the bra. The suspicions of Dragon are prove after somebody is seen to be friendly with law enforcement officers. Rose is adamant Koloi to get in shape or face being sent out.
Monday 20 March 2023
Episode 186

Mrs Kgomo invades the former principal’s home and causes chaos. Turfloop is shaken by the heartbreaking reports about the Dragon’s man. Koloi attempts to impress, only to be met by displeasure.

Tuesday 21 March 2023
Episode 187

Mr Kgomo is a reverse psychologist Mrs Kgomo. Rathebe is a surprise to Babeile. The Maputlas are celebrating their patriarch’s special day.

Wednesday 22 March 2023
Episode 188

Mr. Kgomo as well as Mrs Kgomo are at peace. Rathebe says goodbye to Turf and all that goes with it. Lewatle is unhappy with an unresponsive boy who doesn’t offer her what she desires.

Thursday 23 March 2023
Episode 189

Melita is notice by an eminent Polokwane businessman. The man makes a discovery about Bethuel’s demise that creates unrest at Bazaruto. Evelyn is challenge from Alfred when she confronts him.

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