Looking at Type 2 Diabetes With a Different Way of Eating!

Just imagine if someone stuck chewing gum into a door lock… then you would have no hope of putting the key in in, let alone turn it. There is nothing wrong with the lock, there is nothing wrong with the key, the key just doesn’t fit into and turn in the lock.

Racine's Lock & Key

Your pancreas, is an organ in your abdomen which produces insulin. As you are aware, insulin is a hormone which the pancreas sends into your bloodstream to various cells throughout your body. Insulin is like a key sliding into a lock, attaching to a receptor on let’s say, your muscle cell’s surface, then allowing glucose to enter. Insulin does the same for all the cells, attaching to a receptor on the cell’s surface, opens the door and ushers the glucose or sugar in.

This system does not function properly when you have type 2 diabetes. Your pancreas makes insulin, and the insulin travels to each cell. But when it arrives it is like the door is jammed, insulin just cannot open the door. The key no longer works. This is insulin resistance. The “key” which is insulin is there but it has trouble doing its job. Then glucose or sugar cannot get into your cells and it builds up in your bloodstream. For this to work again, these “locks” need to be cleaned out schl├╝ssel klemmt im schloss.

In 1979, researchers at the University of Kentucky studied twenty men with type 2 diabetes. All these men were taking 26 units of insulin each day. Their experimental diet included many fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans… so it was high in fiber and carbohydrates. This diet contained very little animal fat… in fact very little fat of any kind. It was pretty much vegetarian.

Do you know after sixteen days on this program, fifty per cent of the men were able to stop taking their insulin altogether. Their blood sugar levels were lower than ever before. The remaining fifty percent had great success also, they found their insulin doses were lowered.

Don’t you think this was an amazing result… after sixteen days! These men lived on a research ward for the period of this experiment but couldn’t you bring about similar results in your life? Just by changing your eating plan you can reverse your insulin resistance, reduce your weight and your blood sugar levels.

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