Nantikan drama adaptation of Siti Rosmizah’s novels Andai Itu Takdirnya 1 & 2 will air as a Megadrama on Astro Ria. 60-episode drama with Jamal Khan as the host is broadcast by SR One Sdn Bhd. The actors in this drama are Shukri Yahaya, who portrays Syed Adam Aizril, and Hannah Delisha, who plays Aleya.

Saksikan Andai Itu Takdirnya will be shown every day at 10:00 a.m. from Isnin to Khamis starting on September 6, 2023, exclusively on Astro Ria (104) and will also be available on demand through Astro Box and the Astro GO app for flexible viewing options.


Andai Itu Takdirnya

The Andai Itu Takdirnya synopsis
Syed Adam Aizril is the only member of Aleya’s close-knit group who has been recognised. Syed Aizril is known as a woman because of her demeanour and attractive penampilan. Being the child of a tokoh korporat, she had grown accustomed to living a simple life and being close to her friends. Dia has high standards and is sensitive to treating people differently. There was only one kejadian that mentioned Syed Aizril and Aleya without any interruptions.

Aleya continues to live her life in Bahrain as an isteri, although Syed Aizril frequently disrupts her routine. Not long after that, Syed Aizril experienced kemalangan. Ia gushed about her daily life and she confessed all of her grievances towards Aleya. Aleya receives Syed Aizril in her daily life in addition to her children and grandchildren. After mengharungi, Aleya and Syed Aizril lived in harmony with their offspring.

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When Syed Aizril gives Sharifah Emilin a kiss while she is living her life, it causes their relationship to break down once more. Janjinya very easily reconciled with Aleya. At this time, Aleya’s relationship with Syed Aizril had already reached its end. Due of egony, the hidup is now in trouble. Do you know if Aleya has any more time to speak with Syed Aizril?

Novel Andai Itu Takdirnya 1 & 2 Synopsis

Aleya, a gadis who comes from a close-knit community. She shares her concerns with Syed Adam Aizril, a young tokoh korporat who is also a rakan student at a university in the United Kingdom. Syed Aizril was mistaken for a woman because of her behaviour. Syed Aiziril is described as being a person who is berlagak and sombong by his kaya lifestyle. One insiden that recognised Syed Aizril and Aleya was spoken without any interruption.


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